Are Jewelry Boxes Meant for All Age

I am a granny of 5 beautiful granddaughters who love jewelry and jewelry boxes. Each time I see them, they constantly play with my necklaces, rings, and necklaces. After they are done playing with the jewelry I am actually wearing they run on to my bedroom dresser and look up at me with those big blue eyes and tilting their heads say Showbox apk, “Please can we play with your jewelry in your beautiful jewelry box? Granny, when i increase can i have a big girl jewelry box just like yours? inches I smile at them and tell them of course and there is nothing better in the world than seeing those laughs.

I need to to get my twin granddaughters, who were turning five yrs . old, something special for their birthday. It had to be something they could treasure and keep for many years to come.. On the day before their actual birthday I sat them down and told them that Granny had an extremely special gift for them for their birthday. They each sat waiting in anticipation. You need to have seen them. I can still remember the squirming each one was doing in their seats. It still makes me smile and chuckle great deal of thought. Everyone of my granddaughters sat fidgeting and sitting as still as possible as a five year old can sit when they are waiting for a birthday present. I reminded them of how just two months ago they had each expressed to me that they wanted their very own jewelry boxes. They gasped in anticipation as to what we were holding about to receive from their granny. Then i handed the Princess packaged gifts to the girls. They each sat back to back as that is the rule when they are opening gifts that are the same so that the surprise is not ruined for the person who opens last. They each with consideration waited and took their turns opening the gifts. The “oldest” went first and a huge scream and she had to be reminded that she is banned to say what it is. Then, my granddaughter who is a whole three minutes younger opened hers. As all of the girls turned around, they smiled at each other and said things such as look what I got, No you look what granny got for me. You may not have known that they were the same gift. We were holding so excited looking over each sister’s new jewelry box and then looking at her own and showing her cousin. I could don’t have demanded a better reaction to the gift jewelry boxes.

The screaming and screeching went on for what seemed like forever. They had only seen the jewelry boxes at this point. After they calmed down from all of the excitement, and gave huge hugs and kisses to me, I explained that there were special gifts inside the boxes too.

Inside of all of the special jewelry boxes was a precious princess necklace that we had purchased for them during our last family vacation to Disney World. Well, I am sure that you can imagine what happened next. They practically jumped on my panel and were hopping vertical screaming. Next, they ran to the room where mom and dad were. The girls were speaking so frantically you couldn’t understand a single word we were holding saying. You could fill in the huge laughs and something about grandma’s house and the special gift. They couldn’t wait to put the necklaces on and to show the boxes to everybody who came in the house.

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